How to Buy a Book

1. Use the ‘search products’ tool at the very top of the page to find the book that you want or use the category options on the home page to browse various book categories.

2. When you find the correct product, there is a number box beside it if more than one is available. Enter the quantity of this item you would like, if you wish to purchase more than one. If one is the correct number, just click Add to Cart.

3. You will be taken to the cart. To go back to products to add more items, click on ‘Continue Shopping’ or again use the search products tool at the top of the page.

4. When you are done adding items, click ‘Proceed to checkout’ if you are on the cart page, this is a grey button lower down the screen. If you are not on the cart page, select ‘Checkout’ from the main menu in the upper right of the website. You will see it listed alongside Home, News & Reviews, Cart, etc.

5. At the checkout enter your details.

6. For ‘Your Order’, select the payment option, if you are in the bookshop, you can select Pay on Collection and leave cash here.

7. To mark that you agree to the Terms and Conditions, click the red X button to make it a green tick.

8. Click Place Order. The sale should now be confirmed, and an email will automatically sent to you to confirm.

9. We will email you as regards postage cost as the price varies.